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Juniper Moon Apothecary is a ONE woman owned & operated Australian Witchcraft Supplies
micro-business based in the North East Victoria, Australia.

Providing Witchcraft, Folk Magic and Pagan products to enhance your spiritual/magical needs and workings.
Specialising in Oils, Incense Blends, Candles, and Hand-beaded Pendulums, along with a small selection of Altar & Divination tools.

Accepting payment options such as Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Afterpay.

We are only doing one Australia Post drop off per week at the moment.
Our current processing time for orders is between 3-7 business days (excluding shipping).
And due to Covid-19, shipping is very slow at the moment. You may not receive your parcel for a few weeks after shipment.

We have a good variety of Incense Blends, and Resins. They can assist you in your magical practice, rituals and spellcasting. They can also be used for offerings.

Created after seeking knowledge, connection & guidance of ancestors, spirits, and deities. As well as using intuition, connection to botany, and personal correspondences.

Here you can find Juniper’s extremely popular Cauldron Candles… and coloured Chime Candles by Nimbin Candles.

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Newest Additions

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