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About Us


Juniper Moon Apothecary, is a one woman micro witchcraft supply business. The majority of the products/services are created by Juniper Moon – the house witch of more than 20yrs experience in her practice. First opened an online witch store in 2013.

Selecting ingredients with knowledge, intuition, and connection to the botanicals, divinities, correspondences, and ancestors… and works her magic for specific purposes for the said product/service while using her hands, breath/talk, songs, dance, etc. to add power and intention. Some products/services take months to create, with daily magical work until it’s ready.

  • Specialising in:  Magical Oils, Artisan Candles, Loose Incense Mixes, Divination Tools, and more…
  • Juniper also collaborates with other Australian Witch Businesses, and at times opens up opportunities for Brand Reps.
  • Payment options such as PayPal, Afterpay, and Bank Transfer.


To supply folks with beautiful quality magical products that can be used as an extra layer to their own spells, rituals, offerings, etc. To also offer customers the incentive of reimbursed shipping or a percentage off their next order if they return product containers (bottles, jars, tins, etc.) so we can reuse for future products.


For Juniper Moon’s vision is to be known as one of the Australian Witchcraft Stores that supplies the best magical products and services, that uses biodegradable, or recycled/reused packaging to help eliminate ‘one time’ plastic use when customers purchase their witchcraft ingredients, products and tools. 


We aim for honesty, transparency, fairness and high moral standards. We strive to exceed expectations and be the best that we can be, maintaining the highest level of quality. We build strong long term relationships and alliances with our customers, brand reps, and other businesses we collab with.