Self Love Collab Box curated by Juniper Moon, and Lylliths’ Emporium. 

After over year of discussion the concept of collaborating together, and many discussions about it. We (Lylliths’ Emporium and Juniper Moon) have finally put those discussions and ideas into action. When we decided on a Theme/Purpose for the first box, it took a couple of months to come up with ideas for the magical products, and brainstormed formulas for items we hadn’t yet produced. We worked together like close sisters full of love, and this first collaboration together means so much to the both of us. It is born out of love, everything was completely thought out, and we’ve had so much fun working on everything for you.

You will find in the boxes: 

8 full-sized products within the Self Love Box to assist you in rediscovering or adding more self love into your life. It is suitable for those that practice witchcraft, but is also suitable for those that are beginners, or curious. 

Each item are 100% handcrafted, or hand picked specifically for self love & acceptance intent, energy, and magical properties/correspondences. 

There’s a booklet that has all product information; instructions of how to use the products, some background info, and transparent information regarding ingredients to ensure people with allergies are well aware of what they are using on their bodies, or in their home & craft… and some prompts, fun & games. My awesome bestie Sophie from Scotland also added some love into the booklet via a drawing that you can colour in. 

What are the products?

  • Self Love Botanical Bath Salts
  • Self Confidence Perfume Oil
  • Self Love Botanical Magical Oil
  • Beautiful Self Love Loaded Cauldron Candle
  • Natural Clay Face Mask with Aussie clays
  • Self Love Jar Spell Kit
  • Raw crystals – Rose Quartz & Kunzite
  • Self-Love Booklet with colouring pages, crosswords, product information and much more!

Ugly Packaging:
The packaging used to secure the magical products is all recycled/reused bubble wrap. We call it ugly packaging because it’s not at all pretty, it’s not going to wow you. However, you will know that we’ve reused bubble wrap that we’ve received, because it helps save the planet. Please save the bubble wrap, and reuse it yourself. The more it gets reused, the less rubbish is in landfill.