Blue chime candles are great for healing, serenity, emotions, and patience. Inner calm, sincerity, and influencing loyalty. For knowledge, and for obtaining truth.

Price is for 2 (two) Blue Chime Candles. That are 2-hour tiny tapers, approx 13cm tall with a diameter of 1cm.

Made by Nimbin Candles an Australian Candle manufacturer, specialising in Non-toxic, hand dipped, traditionally made candles. (see below for more info)

Blue candles can useful for establishing harmony in the home. For increasing occult wisdom and power, spiritual protection. For dream magic and prophetic dreams. Great for re-uniting friendships, breaking bad habits, overcoming addiction. Can help with decision making, courage, impulsiveness, or depression. Blue offers protection and calm in the midst of times of crisis and turmoil. Blue is an excellent color for business success. Is wonderful in amplifying creativity and perception. Additionally, Blue is one of the colors associated with the element of Water. Ruled by Jupiter (royal blue), the Moon (light blue), or Saturn (dark blue); of course, depending on the hue.