Dream magic incense was created to used as part of a ritual prior to dreaming (night or day). For the best results in dreaming, I recommend have a nice bath (or shower), dim down your lights for minimal brightness. Lay down to have a think about what kind of dream you want to have, then do breathing exercises to relax your entire body & mind. I usually imagine a spiral rotating clockwise (direction that works best for me), and eventually I fall asleep.

You can use meditation guides, or sleep music to help you relax while using the dream magic incense. 

After you wake, make sure you write down everything you can remember from your dreaming. Take notes of how you felt in the dream (emotions you experienced or noticed around you), what the tone/vibe was like, where you were, who was there in the dream, any animals, what was said, etc. 

And in my opinion…while online & book dream interpretations are great sources – I prefer to try to nit pick the dream myself, really analyse everything. Then look to the life I am living right now to see what is going on, and why I had that dream. Sometimes it’s a warning, prediction, or sometimes it is a shadow poking me, AND sometimes it is nothing more than something we have seen, heard or read. BUT still, the meaning behind it all has to come from you first. Someone else’s interpretation doesn’t always make any sense.

All kinds of dreaming can be magical, used as divination (Oneiromancy), and can help us overcome our shadows.

Ingredients: Frankincense, Wormwood, Jasmine, Mugwort, Red Sandalwood, Patchouli Resin, Lavender, and more.