Green chime candles can be used for fertility, nature, environmental issues, renewal, beginnings, teaching/learning, growth, rejuvenation, harmony, balance, healing, emotional soothing, good health, youth, goals, money, finances, luck, aids good fortune, gardening & crops, possessions, ambition and success, and abundance. It can be used to counteract greed and jealousy.

Price is for 2 (two) Green Candles. That are 2-hour tiny tapers, approx 13cm tall with a diameter of 1cm.

Made by Nimbin Candles an Australian Candle manufacturer, specialising in Non-toxic, hand dipped, traditionally made candles. (see below for more info)

Green Candles are great for the Earth element. It contains both male and female energy. Throughout Australia, green is the colour of our $100 note, as well as having tinges of green on some of our other AUD notes, making green candles wonderful for money drawing spells; Business, Career, Achievement, Employment, Pay Raises, etc.