House Cleansing – Incense Blend


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House Cleansing Incense Blend is wonderful for when you need to get rid of any energy debris that has remained in your home/space a result of negative emotions, thoughts, occurrences, and/or stress that you have experienced in your space and in your home. 

Some suggested times for when to do a cleanse are: After you clean the house (top to bottom) and remove clutter, have an argument, move into a new space, when someone moves out, After a divorce or break-up, After an illness or death, When you buy something secondhand, or even when you purchase something new and you wish to remove any energies from it, and of course – anytime you feel a good cleanse is much needed.

Botanicals include: Lavender, Rosemary, Juniper Berries, Oud, Bay Leaves, and more.

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