Light Purple Chime Candles (2pk)


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These purple candles are great for meditation, intuition, visions. Divination, astral travel, past-life work. Magical/spiritual power, mysticism, wisdom. Spirit world, protection and removes curses.

Price is for 2 (two) Purple Candles. That are 2-hour tiny tapers, approx 13cm tall with a diameter of 1cm.

Made by Nimbin Candles an Australian Candle manufacturer, specialising in Non-toxic, hand dipped, traditionally made candles. (see below for more info)

Purple Candles are great for power, dignity, ambition, control, mastery, honor and respect. Together with blue candles, they are good in healing rituals. Meditating with purple candles can reduce stress and insomnia. Purple Candles represent the wise teacher and keeper of hidden knowledge. It is the colour of the mystic and higher dimensions. Correspondingly, Jupiter rules purple.

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