Mouth Stitched oil

Mouth Stitched oil


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Stop slander, Baneful Gossip, and Evil Talk.

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Mouth Stitched oil (formerly Shut them up! Stop Gossip!)
Sometimes, people can’t shut the f*ck up! They just keep going and going, and have no remorse or care about what they are saying about you. They only want to gossip and cause dramas. You could be on top of the world, but their gossip can quickly hinder your success. They can mentally do you harm too. This oil was created to stop them and shut them up.

They will never be able to hinder you and/or your success anymore. You can also use this for unwanted advice. You know the advice people give just because they think they know better, but they’re not actually helping or it’s not relevant? Sometimes the gossip is coming from a neighbour who seems to be obsessed with you and your life. You don’t want to move from your area, but you’ve had enough of them? Use some of this oil by sprinkling at their door step, and rub some on their front door handle. They will either shut up, or move out.

Ingredients used: Orris Root, Frankincense, Ginger, Coffee, Chilli Flakes, Safflower, Dragons Blood, Sandalwood, Saltpeter, Gold Flakes, Carnelian, Essential Oils, and Fractionated Coconut Oil. 

Use for spells, rituals, on petitions, tools, altars, work desk, computer, etc. 

WARNING – This oil contains Saltpeter.
Please do NOT use this on your skin to wear! It would be ok to rub it onto something, wash your hands afterwards. 

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