Pink chime candles are great in love magic (romantic love), devotion, affection. Warmth, compassion, honor, friendship. Forgiveness, joy, emotional and spiritual healing, and self-love.

Price is for 2 (two) Pink Chime Candles. That are 2-hour tiny tapers, approx 13cm tall with a diameter of 1cm.

Made by Nimbin Candles an Australian Candle manufacturer, specialising in Non-toxic, hand dipped, traditionally made candles. (see below for more info)

Pink Candles represent the purest form of love… such as the emotions and bonds between parent and child, close friends, or family. Promotes spiritual awakening and an opening of the heart. Beauty, good intentions, loyalty, integrity. Pink is a color which generates selflessness. Pink colored candles are associated with the emotional and spiritual aspects of Venus, the goddess of love.