Third Eye Cauldron Candle can be used during workings that enhance your third eye. Purple wax colour has been used for spiritual growth, Blue Lotus was used as the main feature because of its symbolism of the victory of the spirit over the senses, of intelligence and wisdom, of knowledge.

Featuring: Blue Lotus Flower, Lavender, White Sage, Lapis Lazuli, Gold & Silver Glitter, Clear Quartz. With scents such as: Neroli, Fir needle, Coconut, Rosewood, Musk, and Rose Petals.

These candles can be used in ritual, as many have used our cauldron candles that way. However, they are created to capture the essence & aesthetic of a theme – so can quite easily be used as a statement piece on your altar, or as decoration around the house too.

Comes in a Black Tin with lid.
Design of this candle will be different with each candle.
Approx. burn hours: 10-15 (sometimes longer).