Trouble be gone powder borrows similarities to Hot Foot Powder.

This is a concentrated powder. You can use it as is, or a small amount into dry dirt so it is harder to notice when sprinkled on the ground.

I have been making my own and tweaking my formula over the last 14yrs, and it eventually evolved into this recipe. The most recent ingredient that I have added into this formula, is the habanero salt.  

Uses:  helps you get rid of unwanted & negative people. It can be used to make the person leave you alone, or to cause the person to move out, or even leave town. You may even wish to utilise it in your place of employment to eliminate unwanted/unfair competition or troublesome coworkers. It can also be used to keep peace in the home by eliminating troublemakers (home wreckers, jealousy, dramas, etc.)!

The most traditional way is to sprinkle it while walking backwards over the intended target’s doorstep, or any place where they may step be sure to state your intention but not too loudly for people to hear… This is based on “foot-track” magic.

1. Sprinkle across the thresholds or entrances of your house for protection against thieves and unwanted people.

2. Sprinkle around the property of your home to keep out harmful energies.

3. Draw a line out the front of your property with a stick, and sprinkle some hot foot powder on the line to prevent unwanted people from stepping over the line and entering your property.

4. Sprinkle into the footprint or shoes of people you want to remove from your life.

5. Sprinkle around your desk or cubicle at work to keep drama away.

6. Carve the name of the individual or situation you wish into a Black Candle, then lightly brush some powder onto the candle.

7. Lift the dirt from unwanted peoples’ footprints, mix it with your powder, and dress and light a black candle to remove those unwanted people from your life.

8. Add to your own spells, poppets, magical bags, etc.


** Do not breathe the powder in (no sniffing), and don’t get it in your eyes or mouth. It would also be wise to wash your hands after use just in case it causes any irritations. If you have very sensitive skin, please use gloves while using this powder. Cayenne Pepper, amongst other ingredients are known to be active or caustic ingredients that will cause irritations and burns if not careful.

** KEEP AWAY FROM ANIMALS AND CHILDREN! If you have animals or children, please keep your powder some place where they cannot get into it. Not to be consumed! For external use only.